This procedure repairs damaged articular cartilage. This is the cartilage that covers and protects the ends of your bones where they meet in your body’s joints. When this cartilage is damaged, bone can rub painfully against bone. With this technique, a patch of cartilage cells is used to repair the damage.

This surgery is performed with the aid of a camera called an arthroscope, along with instruments inserted through tiny openings in the skin. With these, the surgeon carefully inspects and clears away the damaged cartilage. This leaves a small, bare spot of exposed bone surrounded by healthy cartilage. The surgeon prepares this exposed bone to accept the graft.

Implanting the Graft
Next, the surgeon prepares the DeNovo NT Graft. This is a donor tissue that has been minced into tiny pieces. The graft pieces are carefully injected to cover the bare area. A special glue is used to attach the graft to the bone. The surgeon may need to create a small incision to help with this process.

Implanting the Graft
Over time, the cells in the graft will grow. They will fill the defect with new cartilage.