This surgical procedure is used to help relieve symptoms of hallux rigidus by removing bony growths on top of the big toe’s main joint. This procedure improves joint movement and is most successful in patients with less severe arthritis.

The patient is positioned so that the top of the foot is clearly visible to the surgeon. Anesthetic is administered and the area is cleaned and sterilized.

Removing Bony Growths
A small incision is made over the base of the big toe, and the joint is examined. Any bony growths or loose bone fragments that are preventing full movement of the toe are carefully removed.

End of Procedure and After Care The incision is closed with sutures or surgical staples. The toe is bandaged and the patient is given pain medication. Most patients are able to go home the same day. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for at least three weeks after the surgery, however, therapy exercises will be recommended to improve toe flexibility.