This minimally-invasive procedure helps to relieve pain and loss of motion in the shoulder from arthritis or impingement. During the procedure the end of the clavicle closest to the acromion in the shoulder is removed to allow pain-free movement of the joint.



The patient is positioned so that the front of the shoulder is clearly visible to the surgeon, and the area is cleaned and sterilized. Anesthesia is administered.

Accessing the Shoulder

The surgeon creates a series of small incisions around the shoulder and inserts an arthroscopic camera and other tools. The camera allows the surgeon to view the procedure on a monitor.

Excising the Clavicle

A surgical cutter is used to remove a small portion of the end of the clavicle.

End of Procedure and After Care

The incisions are closed with sutures of surgical staples. The shoulder is bandaged. The arm will be placed in a sling. Physical therapy and home exercises will be required.