A broken hip is serious and disabling. With a broken hip, you may not be able to care for yourself. Sometimes, complications from a hip fracture can lead to death. Avoid a broken hip with these basic safety measures.

hip-fracture-preventionKeep Your Bones Strong
Bones lose strength as people age, especially in women. Weak bones make a broken hip more likely. Help keep your bones strong by eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. Avoid tobacco and alcohol. Exercise every day to keep your bones and muscles strong. This also helps you have good balance.

Home Safety
Prevent falls by making your home safe. Pick up objects that can trip you. Keep yourself from slipping in the bathroom. Install grab bars and use nonslip mats. Avoid dangerous situations like walking on slippery floors or climbing ladders.

Take Care of Yourself
Pay attention to your medications. Make sure they don’t cause side effects like dizziness or weakness. Go to your eye doctor regularly and wear your glasses when you walk. Know your limits. Use a cane or a walker if you need it. And stand up slowly. Your healthcare provider can give you other tips based on your overall health and activity level.