This procedure is performed to relieve pressure on the median nerve, alleviating the pain of
carpal tunnel syndrome and restoring normal sensation to the hand and fingers. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis.


Incision Made

The surgeon creates a small incision (typically about two inches long) in the palm of the hand to expose the transverse carpal ligament.

Guide Inserted

A thin metal guide is inserted between the transverse carpal ligament and the median nerve. The guide will protect the median nerve during the surgery.

Ligament Cut

The surgeon carefully cuts the carpal ligament,creating more space in the carpal tunnel. This
relieves the pressure on the median nerve.

End of Procedure

The incision is closed with sutures. A splint is applied to the wrist, and the patient is allowed to go home. After a period of healing, hand rehabilitation therapy is performed to help
rebuild wrist strength.