This surgery replaces the damaged or diseased head of the humerus (also called the ball) and cartilage from the shoulder joint with a metal and plastic joint.


Humerus Head Removed

First, the surgeon removes the head of the humerus.

Glenoid Reshaped

The surgeon then smooths and reshapes the shoulder socket (which is called the glenoid).

Plastic Component Attached

The plastic glenoid component is pressed into place with bone cement.

Bone Hollowed Out

The surgeon hollows out the upper portion of the humerus to receive the implant.

Metal Stem Implanted

The metal stem is implanted in the humerus. It may be secured with bone cement.

Metal Head Attached

A metal ball is placed onto the stem.

End of Procedure

The surgeon joins the repaired humerus and glenoid components to form the new shoulder joint